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My Name Is Crystal Walton, This Is My Guestbook, Please Sign My Guestbook To Show You Care, Crystal Walton's Guestbook.

My Name Is Crystal Walton, This Is My Guestbook,
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badz said:   August 10, 2010 5:32 pm PST
watever your roblem .. watever your pain .. there's always 1 GOD to stay with you . trust HIM .

Don Ross said:   August 10, 2010 5:07 pm PST
GOD bless

judgehallam said:   August 10, 2010 3:54 am PST
NEVER EVER GIVE UP CRYSTAL- NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE EVIL , CRAZY JUDGES OF THE BRITISH COURTS TRY TO SHOW OFF THEIR POWER AT THE EXPENSE OF DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES. NEVER ACCEPT IT. IF THE LAW IS UNJUST , TAKE IT INTO YOUR OWN HANDS , BREAK COURT ORDERS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN TILL YOU GET JUSTICE , ALL OF YOU AND ALWAYS - judges live in realm where they feel it is their duty to seperate a child from its mother without just cause , seperate it from its parents and they do not know how grave a sin this is. If they did they would dare not make these senseless judgements before thinking twice. all these judges are bound for the lowest pits of hell . No authority has the right to take a child from its parents on allegations alone and faulty evidence THERE IS A HIGHER FORM OF JUSTICE as sure as the sun rises and it as sure as it sets, Universal DIVINE JUSTICE in which these evil evil judges will get the punishment coming to them and then they will know about the evil they committed.

Chela Harris said:   August 4, 2010 12:25 am PST
Im sorry to hear your story. Im suffering at the hands of social services miss justice myself. I just want to say dont give up. May god be with you. Keep looking for them and you'll find them. I wish you all the best. You can e-mail me I may have suggestions.

Lynda Howroyd said:   July 6, 2010 4:48 am PST
I cried reading your story. I have heard so many more like this. It is so unfair. I pray that you are back with your mummy and daddy soon. I hope when you are old enough to find them that you will. Life is so unfair, there are plenty of pregnant young girls out there, that have abortions, the law should be changed and MAKE them have the child to be adopted, and that way hopefully the stealing of babies, Which you are stolen, may stop. Lots of love and Kissess. Lynda and Walter Howroyd xoxox

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