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Kidnapped and Sold by Enfield Social Services

My Story💖

 My real name is Crystal Walton, I was born on 26th December 2004. Welcome to my Website. My Dad created this special place on the Web to share my life with you. I hope this site will enable family and friends, near and far, to stay connected. I look forward to sharing my family news and precious memories with you for years to come!

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"A Stolen Childhood"

Crystal Walton at Play❤

There were only two videos of me (Crystal Walton) with my Mum & Dad (Sarah & Ian Walton) playing together as a family.

Crystal Walton at Play Two

My second video is on my

Facebook Page.

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Crystal Walton at Play One

My Photo Album💕

These Are The Photos My Mum And Dad Took Of Me In The Short Time I Had With Them.

There are over 250 Photos...


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Waney Squier 'Doubts over Shaken-baby syndrome'

Waney Squier 'Expert Witness'

BBC Newsnight

 A medical practitioners tribunal ruled on Friday that Dr Waney Squier gave misleading and dishonest evidence when she acted as an expert witness in six cases involving parents accused of harming or killing their children.

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BBC News

 A doctor who disputed the existence of shaken baby syndrome has said she was struck off because her views challenged the establishment. Now she is appealing against the decision, as John Sweeney explains. 

Should Waney Squier have been struck off over shaken baby syndrome?

BBC News

 A doctor reinstated on the medical register after being struck off for evidence she gave in "shaken baby" cases has described her experience as "extremely traumatising". 

Shaken baby evidence doctor Waney Squier 'traumatised'

The Guardian

 Waney Squier, who was barred in March from practising over evidence she gave in criminal trials, cleared of dishonesty 

Doctor wins appeal over shaken baby syndrome trials evidence

BBC Radio

Why I Changed My Mind

World-renowned doctor, Waney Squier, tells Dominic Lawson the price she paid for changing her mind about shaken-baby syndrome 


TEDx Talks

 For decades, the medical community has viewed the symptoms and diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome as an incontrovertible truth. Waney Squier spent many of these years offering expert testimony in court cases before new evidence convinced her to change her perspective. In this important talk 

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