Parents’ hope in struggle for their little girl 'Enfield Council'

2nd July 2008

Story by (Nick Tarver)

A JUDGE has ordered a controversial adoption case to be re-opened after the parents of a baby girl t last taken by Enfield Council took their battle back to the High Court.

The couple, who cannot be named after the council secured an injunction on the Advertiser last year, applied for new medical evidence to be heard by the court on Thursday.

The little girl, who is now three, was removed from their home by police and social services when she was only four days old on the suspicion she may suffer “potential future harm”.

Enfield social services made this controversial decision on the basis that the baby’s father was accused – though never charged or convicted of injuring one of his other children from a previous marriage. He still has unrestricted access to these children.

The couple claim they have new medical evidence that shows the child’s disabilities were caused by a medical condition and not by violence.

The judge at the hearing agreed that the evidence should be heard of consequently the case re-opened. The father told the Advertiser: “We are delighted by this as it has been such a long struggle for me and my wife, but with little success. “Hopefully the new evidence will lead to us getting our daughter back home.”

A council spokeswoman said: “As court proceedings are active we do not wish to comment at this stage.”