Parents campaign for open justice. (By Nick Tarver)

20th August 2008

Parents Who Lost their new baby to social services lead campaign for open justice. 

Story (By Nick Tarver)

A CONVOY of campaigners who want the family courts to be opened up to the public has travelled through Enfield on its way to Westminster.

The convoy, led by two local parents who have been at the centre of an adoption battle with Enfield Council, started in Luton on Monday and will finish at the House of commons on Friday.

The parents, who the Advertiser cannot name after the council secured an injunction against the paper, are fighting to win back their three- year-old daughter after she was taken by social workers on the suspicion she may suffer “potential future harm”. The controversial decision was made after the father was accused, though never charged or convicted, of injuring one his children from a previous marriage, even though he still has full and unsupervised contact with the child.

The convoy of a route-master bus and cars stopped at The Triangle in Palmers Green yesterday. Joining the convoy were families for justice, FASSIT and stop injustice now.

The father told the Advertiser “The family courts are a shadowy world and clouded in secrecy.

“The common denominator between all these groups on the convoy is to make the courts open and less restricted to the media and the public. Less restriction means people can see what’s going on and the judges and local authorities are less likely to make mistakes.

“The courts and social services hide behind the reason that secrecy is in place to protect the children, but it is also to protect themselves as well.”